Created two years ago, Unexplained was born out of the desire to create a media platform that emphasizes the diversity on the one hand, of creators, makers and thinkers within the arts, and on the other, their practices.
The platform explores this desire through different mediums, such as written articles or video formats.

Unexplained Media has been recently working on a project of video interviews featuring different actors within the local and cultural scene. Inspired by the work of talented interviewers and conversationalists who manage to evoke intimate, insightful and thought-provoking exchanges, Unexplained hopes to produce video interviews that provide a context in which conversations can unfold naturally; and aims to hold space for more indepth conversations where the interviewee can share their perspectives on lived experience and art, and how they interrelate.

Since the beginning of its existence, Unexplained Media has also been producing editorials, highlighting the work of artists across the globe, but also using the written format to go more in-depth in topics linked to the cultural and art field and provide a rather research-based approach.